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International Program

Young graduates or with a first experience, are you looking for a program of excellence and international experience that will allow you to take up challenges ? Our Graduate Program or our VIE offers can be made for you.

Graduate programs accelerate your career

3 domaines

Marketing & Sales, Industry

3 jobs

in addition to intensive and continuous training

3 countries

to discover cultures and develop your network

an international graduate path for each domain

An accelerated, international and tailor-made process, will allow you to quickly occupy positions of responsibility: industrial  manager, marketing director, sales manager.

Live a unique experience in which discovering the company, team work, training and challenges will be your daily life.

Your ambition

Take charge of your career, think big, join us and be our future director of a unit in a country.

Marketing director

of a country

Sales director

of a country

Industrial director

of a manufactory


François M.

Personally, I feel that Michelin is really giving itself the means to ensure an exceptional career in the graduates: very small graduates promotions, an exceptional exhibition, and an impressive career acceleration, which of course goes hand in hand with a level of high requirement.
Indeed, the course is really co-built between each Graduate and the personnel department, which allows you to draw your own itinerary within the group.
Starting with a first commercial position, it is a formidable school of requirement, accountability, organization and customer experience, and it is essential to gain legitimacy internally.
Today, I manage a team of 13 people in France and the Benelux at 25, and I never thought I would have this kind of opportunity so quickly.

François M.

V.I.E. : your international volunteering in company with us

A first international experience in a Global Group tempts you? We offer V.I.E contracts with Business France, the national agency serving the internationalization of the French economy.

As part of this program, Michelin offers:

Young motivated and energetic talents, you will find offers on our site > apply

All information concerning contracts with Business France is available on their website: Business France





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